Preschool !

Well, the time has actually come.  Duncan is going to start preschool.  I didn't think he could start at three (almost four) years old.  Turns out, the preschool offered next to our house is ages 3-5 all in the same classroom.

Originally I wanted to keep him home this year.  We have a pretty tight budget, and preschool (though not terribly expensive) was not in it.  The preschools that I researched around the area were far to high in cost to consider for only a few hours a day and a few days a week.  For the curriculum, we could get away with learning all of it at home and then going to playgroup for social interaction.  One of the deciding factors for getting him in some type of day activity was Millie.  With Millie having occupational therapy a few times a week it was difficult on Duncan.  She was getting all of this playtime and attention and he really craved the same.  With all of the change that has been going this last month he wasn't getting the enrichment he needed, and I was exhausted trying to make up for it.  So the decision was made.  Make room in the budget and send him to have fun at "playschool" while Millie had her "therapy school" at home.  Here is hoping that it is going to turn out as enjoyable as we hope for all involved.

It is a little sad though.  I know that preschool is mostly enrichment, however, it is a big step to let him go elsewhere and learn.  He is growing up so quickly and I don't know that I am ready for it. He might be the eldest among his siblings, but he will always be my first baby. If anything it makes it the hardest on him.  Mom and daddy are new at this too, after all.  Even though it took so long to bring him into our family, we didn't have any experience as parents before he came along.  I am sure the feelings are the same for all first time parents (or all parents in general, since technically we aren't "first time" parents either). At least I hope the feelings are the same, even if only to be relatable and not the odd one out.


Moving to Alaska... Again.

Chris got orders, to ALASKA.  It was a big shock to us as well.  Busy and Stressed are the two words that I would use to describe every moment since the orders were suggested.  New baby Millie, and another on the way, a house to prepare and sell, gathering information for the new base and how we were all going to get there... phew.  I get tired just thinking about it.


Fall Has Arrived.

I absolutely LOVE fall.  The vivid colors, crisp weather, crunchy leaves, smells, and the general "feel" of the season.  It is like a big sigh.  Everyone starts to prepare for the winter. Heaters start to turn on.  There is frost in the mornings and rustling leaves in the air.

One Big Storm, many more to follow.

A while back we had an adventure.  It was our first winter storm, only it wasn't winter.  The rain and crazy high winds created havoc.

A Little More FOCUS

A few months back, Millie had her 18 month appointment and well baby check.  I had a few concerns that I brought up with her doctor.  Mostly it was her speech, or lack of it.  She didn't have any words other than mamma, dad dad, and Will Will.  Duncan was said Bubub and Gunk-en, and she couldn't say her own name.  When trying to form words she would often watch our mouth's and mimic the look, but the wrong sound would come out.  Instead of  Moo, for a cow sound,  She would say Teee or iiiib or something equally completely off, despite the correct mouth position.
It took a long time to schedule an appointment for an evaluation.  Life has been busy for everyone, and school was just starting up again, so appointment times were limited.  She is now nearly 21 months and had her evaluation today.


An old house. A home.

Our House.  April 1, 2008~ April 24, 2012.

So, I won't lie...  I have been dreading this post.  Putting it off for as long as possible.  I try to fool myself by saying that it is because I will have to admit to much, but really, it just makes me sad.


A McDonald Wedding

Well, our McDonald clan was officially homeless.  The best way to celebrate?  With family of course!  Just a scant two weeks after closing on our house we took a trip to Utah.

The trip had many facets (for some reason our trips are generally sprints from one activity to the next).  We were blessed to be there for the wedding of Adam (Chris' brother) and Michelle.  We introduced William to our extended clan members.  Spent some time with family members that we, unfortunately, don't see often  (even on trips).  Visited with some much missed friends. Took some time out to visit a few of our favorite places.  Made some wonderful family memories. AND celebrated Mother's day with some of the most wonderful mothers I have had the honor of knowing.