Preschool !

Well, the time has actually come.  Duncan is going to start preschool.  I didn't think he could start at three (almost four) years old.  Turns out, the preschool offered next to our house is ages 3-5 all in the same classroom.

Originally I wanted to keep him home this year.  We have a pretty tight budget, and preschool (though not terribly expensive) was not in it.  The preschools that I researched around the area were far to high in cost to consider for only a few hours a day and a few days a week.  For the curriculum, we could get away with learning all of it at home and then going to playgroup for social interaction.  One of the deciding factors for getting him in some type of day activity was Millie.  With Millie having occupational therapy a few times a week it was difficult on Duncan.  She was getting all of this playtime and attention and he really craved the same.  With all of the change that has been going this last month he wasn't getting the enrichment he needed, and I was exhausted trying to make up for it.  So the decision was made.  Make room in the budget and send him to have fun at "playschool" while Millie had her "therapy school" at home.  Here is hoping that it is going to turn out as enjoyable as we hope for all involved.

It is a little sad though.  I know that preschool is mostly enrichment, however, it is a big step to let him go elsewhere and learn.  He is growing up so quickly and I don't know that I am ready for it. He might be the eldest among his siblings, but he will always be my first baby. If anything it makes it the hardest on him.  Mom and daddy are new at this too, after all.  Even though it took so long to bring him into our family, we didn't have any experience as parents before he came along.  I am sure the feelings are the same for all first time parents (or all parents in general, since technically we aren't "first time" parents either). At least I hope the feelings are the same, even if only to be relatable and not the odd one out.

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